New message system

Learn about the new message system feature we have released

New message system
New message system

Guess what, it is time for another feature to drop in. This time we decided to take a look into the message system of each meetup.

The problem

Currently we do not have any way of a meetup organizer to communicate with the attendees of a meetup. This lack of communication inside our platform makes the organizers be unable to communicate urgent matters to attendees such as:

  • Location change
  • New speaker added
  • Any other important matter

We at codotto have a vision of creating a platform where the community can communicate and share their knowledge. Today, we are proud to announce the release of the message system.

Here how it works

Create message

You can create a message in the meetup message board. You just need to head to the board and start writing your message. Everyone that is involved in the meetup will receive a notification

create message screenshot

Hint: You can use CTRL + ENTER to post the message while typing

React to a message

Did you happen to see a message in a meetup message board that you like and would like to react to it? Or it was a message that you don't like? You can also react to it as well.

react to a message

Reply to a message

Did you happen to see a message and would like to reply to it? Leave a reply to the message. Anyone that is involved in the message thread will receive a notification of new messages.

reply to a message


Are you being spammed with notifications in the message board that you do not care about? Simply turn them off


Feedback on feature

As always, if you have any feedback on the new feature, feel free to reach out to us in Github. Simply create an issue with Feature Feedback as the issue template.

We are always eager to listen to the community and what they have to say.