Meetup attendance confirmation is out!

Meetup attendance confirmation is out!
Meetup attendance confirmation is out!

The problem

Whenever meetup organizers organize a meetup, they plan a lot of things behind the scene. Some of these that are extremely important:

  1. Order food for the number of people that have said they are going to the event
  2. Plan the allocation of seats for the number of people that have said they were going to the meetup

These two points are extremely important for our meetup organizers and for the earth. We at Codotto care about the environment and we highly value our commitment to creating a sustainable community. Therefore, this new feature "confirm attendance" aims to help meetup organizers to better plan their meetups and avoid wasting food.

Here's how it works.

You, as an organizer of a meetup

First, you will need to enable this feature in every meetup. Currently, we do not support remote meetups. To enable this feature in a meetup, you simply have to toggle "Turn on attendance confirmation" on your meetup "Configuration" section. Remember, as soon as you have an attendee in your meetup  (after publishing) you won't be able to toggle this OFF or ON.

30 minutes before the meetup, the check-in will open. All you need to do is to go to the public page of your meetup (e.g. and you will see a popup in the bottom of the screen allowing you to input the unique code to each attendee in your meetup.

Register attendance

Whenever you have checked in the attendee, the attendee will receive his points for checking in the meetup.

Checkin attendees

On your "manage attendees" page, you will be able to see who has checked in or hasn't yet. In the middle of a meetup, you should always remind people to check-in in order to avoid being penalized.

You, as an attendee of a meetup

For the attendees of a meetup, you will need to click "Join meetup" (the same as before). This time you will receive a warning letting you know that the meetup organizer has enabled the "confirm attendance" feature in this meetup. You will either be able to confirm that you are coming or you can decide later.

Checkin code

When you show up for the meetup, you will be able to check in. As soon as you check in, you will receive 10 points for checking in the meetup. In case you have missed the meetup (that you confirmed that you were coming), you will lose 10 points.

To help our meetup organizers to better plan their meetups, you will be penalized in the case that you miss many meetups that you have said you confirmed attendance but didn't check-in.

You, as both parties

The check-in will be open from 30 minutes before the beginning of the meetup all the way to 2 hours after the beginning of the meetup, so make sure to check in before the closing time of check-in.

This feature will help organizers to better prepare for the meetups, which will lead to a better quality of meetups!

Safe debugging, and don't forget to learn, share and teach!

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Filip Kapusta