Speakers are now able to see their ratings for each talk

Check out our new feature that allows speakers to check how their talks are doing. Improve daily by reacting to the feedback left by attendees in the meetups.

Speakers are now able to see their ratings for each talk

As a speaker, we understand that delivering presentations is just half the job. Receiving feedback and measuring the impact of your talks are equally essential. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest feature that enables speakers to see ratings for their talks on each meetup.

The new feature comes with many benefits that will give speakers a better understanding of their impact and help them improve their presentations. Firstly, speakers will be able to see the average rating for the feedback given to their presentations - this is calculated by summing all the ratings for the specific talk and dividing by the total number. This allows them to identify areas of strength and weakness in their talks and adjust their content to meet the audience's expectations.

Speakers will be able to see how many meetups they have presented a specific talk, giving them an overview of how often they're sharing their knowledge with the community. They will also be able to see the number of points they've received for delivering this talk, an experimental feature where we award users that contribute to the community - we are planning on implementing new ways to reward users whenever they contribute to the community.

The speaker will be able to see how many people they've reached with a specific presentation, enabling them to measure the impact of their talks - this is calculated by summing all the attendees that have attended the meetups where you gave this presentation. They'll also have access to a new graph that shows the average rating grouped by date. This feature allows the speaker to group ratings by day, month, or year, giving them a better understanding of their performance over time.

Lastly, a table showing the latest ratings they've received will be available for speakers to access. They can see the ratings for each meetup they've given a presentation, making it easy to track their progress and identify areas where they can improve. While the feedback is currently anonymous, we plan to add the option for attendees to share their full names.

Above everything else, the speaker will be able to see in the dashboard the overall rating for each talk they've created in Codotto. This feature allows them to monitor their talks' performance and track their progress toward delivering better presentations.

This new feature in Codotto provides speakers with the tools they need to measure their impact, improve their presentations, and receive recognition for their contributions to the community. With the ability to see ratings, points, and the number of people reached, the new feature offers a comprehensive overview of a speaker's performance. So why wait? Sign up for Codotto today and unleash the power of your presentations!

To be able to enjoy this feature, you simply have to go to your speaker dashboard (https://codotto.com/speaker/dashboard). In the "My Talks" section, you will be able to click "Dashboard" for the specific talk and see the insights for the talk.